Bacheexuushé Ashkoohawátam Baaluusúuk - Eating With My Family

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This is one of the language learning picture books which encourages young readers to be curious, engaged, and confident. Children can explore new topics and discover the world through stories that uphold values such as respect, humility, fair play, kindness, and kinship. This series was also designed to motivate reading for pleasure, building math and reasoning skills, and inspiring young readers for the future.

This book is a Level 2 book (ages 8-10), including a high-interest story for expanding vocabulary, and conversation skill improvement.

The synopsis is as follows:

Learn about subtractions while the Raccoon Family washed and eats healthy foods together. Will any foods go missing?

Art by Joanna Kaufman.

21 Pages including an "About the Artist" page, the Activity Page, and a Glossary.


2023 Crow Language Consortium & Hardin Public Schools.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review